Make A Handmade Card – Canvas Corp

Canvas Corp Brands make products that are used to make scrapbook layouts, tags, & more, but did you know that our items can also be turned into beautiful handmade cards? When you really think about making a handmade card for someone… How special is that?!  You can walk into Target or Walgreens and pick up a card for a few bucks (actually a few more than a few bucks these days), jot an I LOVE YOU or MISS YOU and send the card is on its way, but how much more special is it to start with a blank card and make it personal? We can guarantee that your handmade card won’t be tossed into an old shoe box in the closet! No sir – it will sit proudly on the desk, get posted on the cork board or even better, get framed for all to see.

When it comes to buying sympathy cards, they seem to never quite say what you need to say and seem to have such random photos. Today I’m sharing one that is made for someone special who loves gardening & earthy colors.

“Thinking of You”

Thinking of You

The Farmhouse Kitchen Collection has such beautiful art, & I’m glad it made its way to this special card. I’ve added a few splashes of color & shimmer here & there to liven it up.  To see more of the CCB Brands’ creative crew’s work, visit the blog here.  Lots of creative ideas & inspiration for different occasions to be seen on this post, so do check it out.

For those who are avid card makers, we applaud you. Now is the time to show off how easy making handmade cards can be!

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Can you believe that it’s August already?  Where did the time go?

Until then,


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